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Most of us experience red eyes, whether due to lack of sleep or overindulgence. When that redness gets chronic, it’s time to see the eye care professionals at the Witlin Center for Advanced Eye Care, serving East Brunswick, Toms River, and Morristown, New Jersey. This assures that the cause of your red eyes isn't another problem, and you may come away with some new strategies to relieve your discomfort. Call or click for an appointment today.

Red Eyes Q & A

What causes red eyes?

The direct reason for eyes that appear red is from the dilation of blood vessels that cover the surface of your eyes. However, the reasons behind this dilation are far more extensive. Any disease, disorder, or injury that causes increased blood flow around your eyes could potentially cause red eyes. A partial list of common causes includes:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol, smoking, or drug use
  • Allergies and hay fever
  • Blepharitis, an inflammation of your eyelids
  • Ulcers, inflammations, and infections of the cornea
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Inwardly or outwardly turned eyelids
  • Episcleritis, the inflammation of the membrane over the white of your eye, and scleritis, an inflammation of the white itself
  • Reaction to eye drops, over the counter or prescription
  • Dust, debris, or other objects in your eye
  • Glaucoma
  • Pink Eye
  • Iritis, an inflammation of the iris, the colored portion of your eye
  • Sty
  • Broken blood vessels in your eye

When should I seek medical care for red eyes?

Occasional bouts of red eyes that last less than a day are no cause for alarm, particularly if you suspect you know why your eyes are red. However, you may have a condition that’s serious and in need of immediate attention if your redness occurs alongside:

  • Sudden vision changes
  • Severe headaches, sensitivity to light, eye pain, or fever
  • Feelings of nausea or vomiting
  • The appearance of halos around light sources
  • Swelling around your eyes
  • The inability to open your eye
  • An accident that affects your eyes, such as a trauma or chemical splash

In the event of any of these conditions, seek emergency medical attention immediately in case you’re at risk of permanent damage to your eyes or loss of vision.

Make an appointment with the Witlin Center for Advanced Eye Care if your red eyes last more than a few days or if you’re experiencing a discharge as well as redness. Discuss your eye care regimen with your caregiver. You may respond to a change in routine, including changes to eye drops or different patterns of contact lens use. Your doctor may also treat you for the conditions for which your red eyes are symptomatic.