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So you think you’re doing the right thing by taking a “fish oil” supplement to help with your overall eye health and dry eye symptoms? But the real question is are you taking the right one? It has been proven that Omega-3 nutritional supplements provided by PRN significantly improve overall eye health and relieve dry eye symptoms.

Here at the Witlin Center for Advanced Eye Care we have determined that the Omega-3s specifically produced by PRN truly provides the purest and most effectively balanced omega-3 based nutritional supplements on the market. The PRN’s Omega-3 formula has no mercury, PCBs, dioxin or alcohol and is re-esterified triglyceride which is the form that is naturally found in fish. This formula allows your body to absorb these crucial ingredients with no side effects, a claim that store bought brands can’t. PRN also has a much higher manufacturing standard than the store bought brands, and most crucial of all it is specifically designed for eye health and the relief of dry eye symptoms. Not to mention PRN products are recommended by the world’s leading ophthalmologists, making it a no brainer. This is why we suggest PRN nutritional supplements to our clients with dry eye here at Witlon eye care because we truly want what is best for our patients.

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