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How Does Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

Diabetes can affect your eyes in many ways. It can lead to vision impairment and even blindness. Learn about diabetic eye disease and the best way to prevent it.

Aug 7th, 2019
Which Type of Pink Eye Does My Child Have?

Itchy, red, watery eyes? Your child may have pink eye, a highly contagious and common eye infection. Find out which type of pink eye your child has to help determine the best and quickest course of treatment. Here’s what you need to know.

Jun 1st, 2019
Common Symptoms That Could Signal Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in older adults. Learn the common symptoms that could signal macular degeneration. The earlier it’s detected, the better your chances of preserving your vision

Mar 5th, 2019
How PRK Surgery Differs from LASIK Surgery

You’ve no doubt heard of LASIK surgery, but do you know about PRK surgery? Both vision correction surgeries can help you see better. Learn about the differences between the two and which one is best for you.

Feb 7th, 2019
Three Things You Need to Know About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. Unfortunately, there are often few or no symptoms to tip you off that you may have this devastating disease. Find out the three things you need to know to protect yourself from glaucoma.

Dec 6th, 2018
Understanding Dry Eye and How You Can Treat It

If your eyes feel dry, irritated, and gritty, you probably have dry eye. Dry eye can be uncomfortable and lead to infection. Learn how to prevent and treat this common eye condition.

Oct 15th, 2018
Perfecting Your Vision with Lasik

Would you like to wake up and see the coffee as well as smell it — without glasses? Find out how you can get perfect vision or near perfect vision with LASIK eye surgery.

Sep 13th, 2018
8 Signs You May Be Suffering from Cataracts

Is your vision blurry? Are you having trouble seeing at night? You may have cataracts. Learn the eight most common signs of cataracts and how you can prevent and treat them.

Aug 15th, 2018
How Genetics Can Play a Role in Eye Health

You may have been told that you have your mother’s eyes, but did you know that she may have passed down her eye conditions as well? Learn how genetics plays a role in astigmatism, glaucoma, and other eye issues.

Jul 16th, 2018
Tips for Preparing for LASIK

There are a few items to cross off your “to do” list before you have LASIK vision-correcting surgery. Take a minute to learn how to prepare for the procedure that will offer you a brand-new way of looking at the world.

Jun 6th, 2018
Are Lens Implants Right for You?

With today’s intraocular lens technology, cataract surgery patients can have their clouded lenses replaced and, at the same time, correct issues like farsightedness and nearsightedness. These lens implants can even help you if you don’t have cataracts.

Apr 20th, 2018
What causes cataracts?

Do you hate driving at night? Is your vision blurry? You may have cataracts, which are spots on your eyes that interfere with vision. Learn what causes cataracts and how to treat them.

Mar 27th, 2018
Five Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes

Whether from the weather, allergies, or changes in hormones, at some point you may experience the stinging, burning, and redness caused by dry eyes. In addition to the discomfort, when left untreated, dry eyes may lead to eye damage or infection. A few lif

Mar 9th, 2018
5 Tips for Avoiding Computer Eye Strain

Computer eye strain is on the rise as more of our lives are spent before digital displays. In extreme cases, this eye strain can require medical attention, but there are ways you can reduce

Feb 28th, 2018
Do Lifestyle Choices Affect Glaucoma?

With glaucoma being one of the most common causes of legal blindness in the world, you want to do everything possible to halt the progression of the disease. The cutting-edge treatments at our offices are one step, but lifestyle choices can go a long way i

Feb 28th, 2018