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Crystalens™ is a new cataract replacement lens (IOL) that works naturally with focusing muscle in the eye to retain the eye's ability to “accommodate” – shift it's focus between nearby and distant objects – after cataract surgery. With other IOLs, patients lose this ability and require corrective measures such as glasses or contact lenses.

Unlike rigid lenses, the flexible silicone Crystalens™ features hinges that allow it to move or flex with the eye's focusing muscle and accommodate seamlessly, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for vision correction. The Crystalens™ is implanted using the same, small incision, no-stitch cataract surgery techniques as with other IOLs. The patient should expect an adaptation period after surgery during which the patient “learns” to use the new implant.

Patients who are far-sighted, or who have bilateral cataracts or who have had corneal refractive surgery and retained good eye health are acceptable candidates for Crystalens™ implantation. Even some patients who have already had cataract surgery in one eye can have a Crystalens™ implant in their other eye People with eye health problems such as chronic infections or diabetes should check with their doctors about eligibility.